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We are IT experts. We are talented in finding IT talents.

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Working for more than 14 years in the IT industry, our founder Elie Bassil understood there is something wrong with the IT recruitment process. Whenever he had an open vacancy, it took him and the HR a tremendous effort to find suitable profiles and a lot of time in triaging the candidates and testing their technical skills against the job requirements. Outsourcing the task to a regular recruitment agency seemed to help in solving only the first part of the equation as such agencies bombarded him with CVs that he had yet to go through and still conduct a lot of technical interviews. And that's when there was a lightbulb moment!


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At, our mission is to relieve companies from the struggle of searching, interviewing and classifying candidates to fill an IT vacancy they have. We do this by providing them with suitable candidates based on a thorough tried and proven methodology of technical and non-technical screenings which helps us put the right candidate in the right job within the smallest amount of time.


We aim to become the go-to international agency that solves IT recruitment challenges for companies around the globe.

For Talents

Want to land the dream job and advance your career? We are here to help! Our specialists will guide you every step of the way. A professional recruiter will interview you and conduct a series of technical and non-technical tests to learn more about your background, skills and preferences. We’ll do our best to find the right position for you, contact the company and set up the whole process. We consider our job successfully done once you sign the contract with the new company.


For Companies

If you are looking for a candidate to fill an open IT position at your company then you have come to the right place! Our professional recruiters will ask you for a detailed list of requirements you are looking for in the ideal candidate, and the deadline to find you the best match. Once the deadline is reached, we will send you a comparative list detailing the best matching candidates we found, alongside their test scores related to the job requirements and their contact information. We consider our job successfully done once your vacancy is filled.


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